Self Portrait Illustration
Celeste Gainey Portrait Illustration
Installation Concept Art
Ghost Searchers Poster
The Raven Poster
Digital Arts Program Promo Post-Card
Cinema Showcase Promo Poster
DVD Sleeve Art
Phil Ponders Portrait
Dewey Morning
Farmer's Market Berries
Pittsburgh Jungle
Andrew on Smithfield St.
Mannequin Glow
Otter Cliffs Lookout
The Jenn Tree
4th Ave Grunge
Rainfall on Sandia Peak
Brace Yourself
Smithfield St. Bridge Beams
Rainy Day Cig Break
Magic Hour Pittsburgh
Daisy on the Stairs
Light at Play
Portrait by the Blinds
Bowling for Luck
Autumn Settles In
Keeper of Stone Tablets
Pines After the Rain
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