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Blood Memory

Assistant Editor

Documentary Blood Memory Trailer

Battles over blood quantum and 'best interests' resurface the untold history of America's Indian Adoption Era - a time when nearly one-third of children were removed from tribal communities nationwide.  As public scrutiny over Indian child welfare increases, an adoption survivor helps others find their way home through song and ceremony.

Broadcast version details on PBS World Channel.

MSA Awards  Video

Microsoft Advertising Corporate Video

Featured award video for Microsoft Advertising 2022 Client Partnership of the Year winner, LiveRamp. This video was created within a series of featured winner videos providing context for what the recipients do and how it fits in with their partnership with Microsoft Advertising.



Experimental Dance Animation Short

Created with hundreds of pencils and hundreds of hands, "349" is a collaborative animated dance film that explores the idea that we're all imperceptibly connected.

Ghost Searchers

Writer, Director, and Editor

Narrative Short Film Trailer

Edgar, lead investigator for a reality show,” Ghost Searchers,” finds he has more to worry about than the show getting canned. Could someone in his investigation team be compromising the integrity of his investigation? What will Edgar do to save his show and his quest for the paranormal truth?

Link to full film.

3 Cups of Coffee

Assistant Director

Commercial for a non-profit, Pennsylvania Women Work


3 Cups of Coffee is a program initiative created by a local non-profit, PA Women Work, that helps women overcome life obstacles to employment; develop job search and career skills that are transferable to any job; and forge connections that lead to brighter career paths.

Hair Peace Charities


Commercial for a non-profit, Hair Peace Charities


Hair Peace Charities is a non-profit organization that helps raise funds to provide wigs for women and girls in western PA who are in need of a little support and confidence due to cancer.

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